"A good introduction to person centred therapy with children."

Mr John MarsdenLaw, Justice and Community Studies, University Centre at Blackburn College

Children and Young People - David Smyth

This engaging new book presents a ‘child-centred’ model of therapy that is thoroughly person-centred in its values.

Establishing the roots of child-centred therapy in both child development theories and the Rogerian model, David Smyth demonstrates that counselling the person-centred way is exceptionally relevant to young people.

“An informative text that enables to reader to gain insight into how childrens needs can be met through child centred therapy. Illustrations used are helpful to link the theoretical understanding to reality of practice.”

– Miss Sarah Corkhill, Nursing & Midwifery, Keele University.

The author’s warm, accessible style conveys his passionate conviction that the person-centred approach can provide a strong foundation for child therapy practice. His book introduces humanistic counselling and psychotherapy trainees – as well as adult-trained therapists – to the particular requirements of working with children and young people, and also illustrates the value of using a ‘child-centred’ approach for those who might already be working with children in mental health settings.

Equally, this volume can be used for professional development in many disciplines including adult trained therapists who want to extend their knowledge of people prior to reaching adulthood.