Children and Young People - David SmythBy applying a person-centred approach to real life practice in diverse settings, David Smyth explores the particular requirements and challenges when working with this age group.

The book examines:

  • The Person-centred approach and related theories
  • The nature of the practitioner-client relationship
  • Developing a child-centred practice
  • Establishing effective communications with parents and guardians
  • Legal and ethical considerations affecting children and young people
  • Multi-professional practice and education settings

The book is divided into two parts. The first concerns the theory and practice of the person-centred approach. The second focuses on professional issues. Central themes within these sections include:

  • Child-centred therapy
  • Associated child-related theories
  • The emerging child-centred practitioner
  • Directive & non-directive play
  • Play, materials & dialogue in therapy
  • Aspects of law & boundaries in child-centred therapy
  • Receiving referrals & communication

Each case study example described in the book illustrates the concepts and aspects of David’s professional practice.

The book can be purchased from Sage Publications or Amazon.

Person-Centred Therapy with Children and Young People was published by Sage Publishing in January 2013. It is David Smyth’s debut publication.

ISBN-13: 978-0-85702-760-3